The disk space function displays the overall volume of information that you are able to have on the cloud hosting server at any time. With a desktop computer, for instance, this is the size of your hdd or the total size of all of the hard drives in case that your PC has more than 1. Exactly as your space on a personal computer is shared between installed computer software, docs, music files etc, the server storage space is typically divided between website files, databases and email messages. Every single file, folder or email requires a little storage space on your server, and that means you should take into consideration a lot of factors, not just the size of the files that you upload. For example, receiving sizable email attachments or using a script-driven internet site in which the user-generated info is kept in a database may also affect the space you are using.
Disk Space in Cloud Hosting
With the help of our cloud hosting plans, you'll never worry about hdd space. While most suppliers make accounts using just a single server and eventually all the server disk space will be used, we have applied a cloud website hosting system in which the files, e-mails and databases are handled by distinct clusters of servers. Thus, every single machine works better as just a single type of processes is working on it, and the hdd space is practically unrestricted since we can always connect additional servers or hard drives to the cluster, depending on whether we want extra processing power or perhaps more space. You will never encounter a position in which you are not able to upload more files because there is no available hdd space on the server, which is a problem you may experience with various providers. If you use our web hosting services, you can rest assured that lack of space won't be an issue for the development of your web sites.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Considering the fact that our semi-dedicated server packages are rather powerful, we've chosen by no means to limit the disk space aspect when we have created them. Our idea is that if you employ a powerful package, it is very likely that you've got a large amount of website content, therefore every single semi-dedicated server plan features unlimited hdd space, which will allow you to center on enhancing your websites and not having to worry if you will fit in some quota. Your account will be made using a cloud web hosting platform where the emails, files and databases use their individual clusters of servers, hence not only will the machines perform better because only one type of system processes will run on them, but also you'll never have to worry about the disk space as we can easily install as many servers or hard drives to each cluster as required.
Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting
The minimum amount of disk storage available with our dedicated servers is 500 gigabytes. You'll have two hard drives, 250 gigabytes each, and it is up to you exactly how you will utilize this space. You may have the hard drives in RAID, therefore all of your data will be protected as one of the drives will function as a real-time mirror of the other, or maybe you are able to have them function individually, so as to use the overall storing volume that is available to you. The hard disk space of our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages is enough for everything - large virtual stores, data depository portal, private archive clone, and many more. We will never keep back your sites in terms of the HDD space they require. In case that they start increasing, we provide you with the option to add further hard drives to your present server if needed. If you get the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel, you'll be able to make a separate account for each and every hosted domain name and set a hard disk storage space allowance for it. When you use Hepsia all domains will be hosted in one place and they'll share the entire server storage.